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Social Media​​ Platform Setup

Do you want to start a business Facebook page but don't have the time to figure it out? Let All(n) Designs help! Cost of setup is $55 and this includes customizing the page to have your logo and business information.

Social Media Content Creation

Do you need help creating graphics or content for your social media accounts or ads? We can create dynamic social posts for the platform you are trying to grow. Cost start at $30/Hour or $75/for three posts.

Social Media Marketing Platform Management

Are you sick of trying to keep up with social media and ready for someone to manage it for you? Here at All(n) Designs, we can manage your social media platform for you to express your message effectively and with the passion your business needs. Cost is $75/month per platform.

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This is going to depend on who your ideal customer is. Is your ideal customer age 18-25? Then you may want to work on your Instagram following. If you are trying to reach female retirees, then you may want to work on your Facebook following.  Finding your ideal customer is something All(n) Designs can help you with. 

The more exposure to your customers, usually the better, but starting with the platform that most of your ideal customers are on is a good way to make sure your social media is effective and not overwhelming. 

In short, yes. Providing good content is the best way to get your customers to trust you and it is good for your SEO ranking because the algorithms search engines use are smart, like really smart, and they can tell if users are coming to you for good content and not just a bunch of fluff. Also by using key words in your content naturally, your users are going to get answers to questions they actually want to know. 

Content marketing is promoting your business through the sharing of original material or the sharing of relevant material. In short, instead of just saying “buy my stuff” you are saying “here is some free knowledge that you may find helpful, by the way, if you liked that, here are the things you can buy from me.”

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